Ilkka Street Luminaire


The Ilkka (VP1001) LED Luminaire series has been developed for urban street and area lighting. The nice round shape and the wide colour range enable the luminaire to be used in various surroundings. Installations either on poles, horizontal arms or by wire hanging.

The VP1001 LED street luminaire is available with the iLUMNET Intelligent LED Lighting System.

The VP1001 is a long lasting, energy efficient and modern street luminaire in which functionality and intelligence create a beautiful and a harmonic entity.

The Ilkka Luminaire is also available with RGBW functionality to create artistic and atmospheric lighting sites. The same luminaire can be used to illuminate street and areas, as well as use colourful light from the RGBW scale. The RGBW functionality is controlled with the iLUMNET lighting control system.

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VP1001 40i, VP1001 70i, VP1001 100i, VP1001 40, VP1001 70, VP1001 100

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