Yle news writes this morning about the new intelligent skiing route in Kankaanpää, Finland. The intelligent system consists of Lumous Lighting’s intelligent luminaires with iNODE500 modules and iLUMNET intelligent lighting control system. The illumination is at a standby level of 10-20 % of maximum power, and when the iNODEs detect movement, they will brighten up the luminaires to an intelligently calculated power level, creating an optimal level of illumination. The next five luminaires will brighten up ahead of the skier.

According to Vatajakosken Sähkö, the local electricity company behind the idea of this intelligent skiing route, energy saving is tremendous. According to preliminary measurements, energy savings have been decreased by 80-85 % compared to their earlier lighting. The same intelligent technology can be used at various different street, routes and sports facilities, leading up to very high energy-saving potential.

Yle news (in Finnish): https://yle.fi/uutiset/3-10016639

Intelligent skiing route website: www.älylatu.fi

Follow the intelligent skiing route of Kankaanpää in Facebook: facebook.com/KankaanpaanAlylatu/

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