Outstanding cost-effectiveness and great illumination exactly as needed

The Lumous intelligent luminaires together with the iLUMNET lighting control system provide a high quality tailored lighting solution that substantially reduces the total lifetime cost of ownership and energy consumption.

Intelligent Lighting Solutions

Intelligent control of the illumination further increases the energy efficiency of lighting while providing more purposeful lighting and a pleasant environment for citizens.

The iLUMNET system has a cloud-based central control connected to a wireless radio network of intelligent devices. The intelligent platform, together with intelligent Lumous luminaires is easily adaptable for the lighting of streets, outdoor areas, petrol stations, industrial and commercial estates and most other sites.



Fast payback with increased energy efficiency

  • Energy consumption is typically less than 50% of a comparable fixed LED lighting system
  • Difference compared to traditional mercury vapor lamps is as much as 85%

Optimal and purposeful lighting

  • Easily tailored for each application
  • No limitations to control independently individual luminaires or freely defined luminaire groups

Efficient lighting system management

  • Easy remote control and monitoring of local lighting areas
  • All modifications to the area configurations are done remotely
  • Online reporting of system status and failures helps to optimize maintenance efforts

Easy and cost-effective deployment

  • No additional control cabling or installation in control cabinets
  • All system definitions like luminaire grouping and profiles are performed via a web interface
  • Cost efficient solutions also for modernizing existing lighting solutions

Modular and future-proof platform

  • Customers can easily expand and upgrade their lighting solutions
  • New luminaires, groups, and areas are easily added without any additional installations
  • Software updates with new functionalities to the existing installed device base


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