The Kirkkosaari illumination in Kuusamo Finland has received an honorary award in the yearly contest for the best illumination sight in Finland. This outstanding and intelligent lighting sight has been designed by Henrika Pihlajaniemi from Arkkitehdit M3. The luminaires used are the valoT bollards, and they are controlled with the iLUMNET intelligent lighting management system, both from Lumous Lighting. We’d like to congratulate Henrika and the city of Kuusamo for the honorary award!

The valoT products have been developed in cooperation with Lumous Lighting Ltd and Architect Henrika Pihlajaniemi. The valoT product family consists of bollards, street luminaires and floodlights to illuminate surroundings diversely. The intelligent iLUMNET lighting control system is a modern way to create adaptive illumination. The control system communicates wirelessly, thereby enabling easy variations of the illumination for different seasons and special events.

The Kirkkosaari illumination strives to create both memorable and safe experience for people strolling the area. The pure white light along the walkway through the island supports the feeling of safety, whilst RGBW floodlights among trees increase attractiveness of the area. The illumination of the walkways is adjusted according to people moving at the area, time of day and snow conditions. Seasons and changing colors of the surrounding nature can be emphasized with color changing floodlights.

The illumination at the island and the bridge was carried out from a low level, with bollards and railing luminaires. The wooden bollards are suited for the forest surroundings of the island. The white scenery of the winter season goes well with 4000K neutral white light. On the other hand, RGBW luminaires are used in accent lighting.

Intelligent lighting control brings energy savings. The illumination can be programmed with different hues of white light and colors, fitted with seasons and changing colors of nature. Dynamic control elevates user experience.

The lighting control is set up in a way that the illumination on the pathways is at a standby level when no one is present at the area, and after detecting movement, the lighting intensity rises softly to a higher level. The accent lighting has an active period between 6 pm and 8 pm when the colors of the illumination change softly every five minutes at different parts of the island so that people experience different tones during their stroll around the area. At other times the rhythm for color changes is slower. The parking lot at the opposite shore also has movement detectors, thus not being highlighted for no reason during night time.

Photos: Henrika Pihlajaniemi

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