Firm values

The values constitute the foundation on which Lumous Lighting has been built. Furthermore, these values illustrate what we hold essential in our action. The values guide our daily labor within the company and in our contacts with our customers and partners.

The values of Lumous Lighting:

Added Value to Our Customers

We offer long-term, durable and reliable lighting solutions to our customers. Thus cost-efficiency is achieved throughout the entire lifespan. Our solutions are always functionally of the highest quality and meeting the requirements of our customers. The quality of our service is high.  We always keep what we promise.

Profitable Operation

We operate effectively and profitably. This enables the long-term development of the company and products, simultaneously benefiting our customers.

Continuous Development

We strive to develop our action unceasingly. Continuous learning is central to us – as an enterprise and as individuals. We encourage open-mindedness and induce taking personal responsibility because these are the prerequisites of continuous development.

Carrying Our Responsibility

Social responsibility matters to us on all levels. We respect our customers, personnel, partners, and competitors. We also have a deep respect for the environment; our objective is that all of our products and decisions should improve the well-being of the environment.

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