Solid expertise and experience

Lumous Lighting is a well-established expert in lighting, LED technology and intelligent lighting solutions. Our team of experienced lighting professionals stands ready to help our customers. Our R&D department has all the know-how needed to develop intelligent LED lighting products a step further. We master the entire value chain of designing and producing quality LED fixtures.

Our clients and light designers can rely on our experienced lighting professionals in order to make the best possible choices.

Our company has a strong experience and background in electronics and telecommunications, where the quality, lifespan, maintenance, and manufacturability have a central role. This principle has been implemented into the philosophy of Lumous Lighting and our products.

The know-how of our R&D team covers all bases: lighting, mechanics, electronics, software, reliability, thermal, optics and industrial design. Without forgetting the input from our vast cooperation network.

We constantly strive to find ways develop our products, procedures, and skills. We co-operate with the lighting department of the Aalto UniversityThe VTT Technological Research Centre of Finland and the University of Oulu. We also participate in domestic and international research cooperation. We have e.g. enrolled in the Enlight project ( of the EU.

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